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FREEstyle Fridays with Nina Maria

When I hear music with a grooving beat my feet begin to keep time, energy floods my core and no matter how tired I am, I feel it. It's like a cresting wave about to break and I move; maybe only a finger, maybe only a foot. When I can I like to move it all, go all out. FREEstyle Fridays is about expression, about my love of two different art forms, and about me stepping out. If I step out, you might too!

I feel like I've been waiting my whole life to be "discovered", for someone to see raw talent in me and groom me for greatness. As the clock ticks and seasons fly by, I am challenged to live courageously, openly. I am no longer going to wait for something that I can do myself. Here is me starting small, seed in the ground.

Both dance and photography are both about creativity for me. Being creative isn't necessarily making something that has never been seen or made before, it's about making new connections between what I am currently doing. I listened to a brilliant video by Kevin Paradox about getting past the dancer's version of "writer's block". Here is a link to that video that expanded my mind about what it means to produce creatively, not just in dance but in general.

Photography, dance and art, are most enjoyable for me when they are a community endeavour. Connecting with people, getting to know someone's story, seeing what makes each of us unique inspires me. I am energized by collaboration. That is what Rare Bird Blog is all about. Making new connections within the artistic community, opening up new highways of communication, making roads where none were before.

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*Music on Video by GAWVI "Slingshot" album Panorama

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