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Lizzette Miller's Life Outrageous

"Remember, mystery isn't something that you cannot understand-it is something that you can endlessly understand! There is no point at which you can say, "I've got it." Always and forever, mystery gets you!"*

This is Lizzette Miller:

A petit woman with eyes that are alive, mind sharp, one to five steps ahead of where present currently is. Dynamic.

Her strength and confidence are polished smooth by patience and motherhood. Gentle.

She has purpose that facilitates connections between the physical world, shot with camera and lens, and human emotions, familial relations, identity and spirituality. Artist.

An openness to new people; all while placing her own children at the top of her priority list: giving time for them in her womb, in her home, in their schooling and all their other pursuits; time for her enjoyment of them, every one of her six. Kind.

A facing toward the universe as she looks for the place where her gifting fits in the gap of open space. Outward.

A gardener, watching seeds grow; understanding that some plants, like raspberries, take multiple seasons to see fruit. All good things take time. Patient.

Here is a human woman. Real woman. Rare woman. Rare Bird.

Lizzette is a Photographer.

She has an eye with a lens. And her eyes see.

Her hands are open.

Her vision for family photography is sharp and exciting. She is launching a new idea for freezing time in a type of photo capsule, a nugget of the present quickly forgotten with the passing of years.

She is a visionary and uses that skill as she conceptualizes and styles photo shoots.

We collaborated on two projects, from concept, location scouting, model choosing, theme and wardrobe and even hair (for the first shoot). You will see we share a few similar photos for these themed shoots. Working with Lizzette was a gift. She is professional, creative, put together, thorough, amicable, easy to work with, helpful and most importantly, fun!

Lizzette has been an inspiration in the starting of my own photography career and a reference for any question that has come up along the way.

Check out her current work at and just wait… something is coming and it's gonna be good!

* Richard Rohr, The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation

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