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Hi, I'm Nina and I'm a rare bird

It's true. Here I am in Stanley Park, downtown Vancouver. I was hovering among the trees, experimenting with my camera and this nodule, this shape, this strange curving womb-like growth was begging to be touched.

Nina Maria Photography, old growth forest, editorial photography,  rare bird blog, Kelowna photographer

I set my camera up on a 10 second self timer,

and this is what happened. This started a personal project for me, my own self-portrait among the old-growth trees. When I look at the images from this day, I still feel warm inside. I feel alive.

There are countless other "rare birds" in our community.

In the days and weeks to come, I hope to discover and highlight some unique and complex artists, dancers, singers, writers, whoever... Meet them and showcase them on this blog. Let's get to know the talented and uncommon folks among us, who just might be a bit common and humanlike... just like ourselves.

Rare Bird Blog is a place where people are celebrated.

I'd love it if you'd come and join me!

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